Glass Privacy Screens

Add value and privacy with our range of entertaining area and balcony privacy screen in Melbourne


With the introduction of medium density housing and apartment complexes, issues of privacy and nosy neighbors are becoming more prevalent. Nu-Lite’s range of products can be adapted to provide a low level of privacy with the use of tinted glass or maximum privacy with translucent or matelucent glass.

Even if you love your neighbors, sometimes you want to enjoy your balcony in peace as a private area for relaxation or hosting a gathering. If you’ve been looking into apartment balcony privacy ideas, we’re the experts on balcony privacy screen in Melbourne and can provide a glass balcony screen tailored to your needs. A glass privacy screen looks great and adds value to your property while requiring minimal maintenance.


Apartment Balcony Privacy

Our privacy screen products can be designed fully framed or semi frameless. As these screens are generally from 1-1.7 meters high, posts need to be spaced closer together to resist wind loading conditions. Consult with one of our friendly sales staff for confirmation of spacing and framing requirements based on your property specifications.


Benefits of Glass Balcony Screens

A Nu-Lite privacy screen made from toughened glass is resilient and low-maintenance. These screens act as wind breakers and also add safety, similar to a balustrade. If you want to preserve your view of the surrounding area, a tinted glass balcony privacy screen may be for you. The tinted glass acts like a pair of sunglasses, allowing you to see out while making it harder for people outside to see in. If you would like even more privacy and more protection from sunlight glare, translucent or mate-lucent glass privacy materials provide the highest level of balcony privacy.

A balcony privacy screen is easier to maintain than climbing plants or shrubbery, and our materials won’t discolor over time or require re-staining like bamboo mats or other wood materials. Our glass privacy screens are weatherproof, protecting you and your balcony from windy conditions. They are slim and don’t take up unnecessary space so you can enjoy your full balcony area. The Nu-Lite glass privacy screen built-in solution offers the best value thanks to the durability and low-maintenance nature of our materials.